A young man who was traveling from Prescott back to Phoenix, decided to take a different route back to Phoenix than his usual drive to phoenix on the I17. As he proceeded driving on this unknown route he came upon a small town called

As he drove along he couldn't help but notice the beauty that surrounded this small town.

He continued on with his travels, excited about his discovery of this beautiful town. He drove for another 20 miles when he approached an old trading post, he pulled over to walk around a bit, because by now his legs were tired from all the traveling, as he walked around the parking lot of the trading post he saw a young women sitting on an old wagon.

He approached this girl who told him her car had broke down and was needing a ride to phoenix, he told her that he had been traveling alone and if she didn't mind traeling with a stranger, that he could take her to where she needed to go. The girl was skeptical at first about riding with a stranger, but was taken back by his charm and good looks...

she decided to take him up on his offer. As they continued on to Phoenix, the two of them talked, laughed and found that they had a lot in common. At the end of their journey they had both agreed to see one another again, after dating for some time the two fell in love and lived happily ever after.


united women's forum said...

I was so impressed with the travleogue and wonderful romantic story. I also loved the beautiful town of Peeple's valley. Sounds like the perfect place to go.
Love Mom

Adrienne said...

I love the colors in that picture of Andy. What a beautiful photo!

The Sherrill Family said...

Wow! I have never seen 2 people who looked so in love! That is true destiny for sure! I loved the story! I'm surprised Andy didn't get out his old rodeo chaps.

Kristy said...

I would love for Andy to wear that bandana to church for Easter. Do you think you could make it happen?

Oh, and I loved the damsel in distress' footwear... Fabulous!

meglove said...

hahaha!! Thats a good one! That story was so sweet and innocent. I miss you guys!