Damages with Glenn Close was my favorite drama series, but I have now found a contender.
             Phoenix Art Museum
Andy and I went to the Phoenix Art Museum on Saturday. I have been wanting to go for awhile and since our Saturday was open we decided to go. For those of you that haven't been I encourage you to go. The building itself is a work of art and the exhibits are so interesting. The photo above that looks like something from the Matrix is actually pieces of burnt wood suspended from the ceiling. The black peanut above reminds me of the giant bean in Chicago. The black peanut has an opening on either side and I wanted to jump the rope and go inside, but security must have some secret telepathic powers because they were watching my every move. I'm really glad I went, next is the Botanical Gardens can you believe it, I haven't been there either. 


I'm not trying to turn my blog into a political forum. I read this comment on Bill Moyers Journal and thought I'd share.

No to bailing out the rich so the CEO's that destroyed the companies can walk away with their millions.

The poor have already paid the penalty and saw this coming long before the middle class and rich did. Savings? When every last dollar goes to survive - savings are a joke. Retirement? 3 jobs at 20 hours a week do NOT get you retirement plans. Living out of their means? Yeah - putting food on a table is definately living beyond your means. Health care is the emergency room - but in my area you better have wallet in hand. So, we take them out of the equation.

The middle class are doomed - they just are now beginning to realize it. It's too late for them too.

So - who do the bailouts truly profit? Corporations - and the heads of those corps - not the lowly office staff. Those were 'downsized' years ago.

Let the corporations fail. Let the American people wake up to how the government has bowed and groveled at the feet of lobbyists who cared nothing for the People.

Bail them out - and they learn nothing but that any greedy decision they make won't hurt them - their wallets are protected. So - bad management will continue because Uncle Sam is there with the checkbook - and the slaves work harder to earn his gold.
Other countries Shouldn't trust our goverment, our corporations, our financial industries - don't keep dancing to the top 1% of the population. But then......... shall we look at the millions our politicians make? So - it is their own wallet they are protecting on the backs of the hard-working American. Is this the Christian way we keep hearing about?
I contemplate this - the markets collapse - the rich actually begin to worry about their millions, and the average American who is the true backbone of this country finds ways to survive. Barter systems still work. We learn to work as a people again - and not as individuals out to get theirs by sacrificing their neighbor.

We say we want a small government - then ask it make decisions that make the US more a communist or socialist nation. We preach democracy while denying our own people democracy.
Enough is enough! What happens when the next bail out comes - and the next - and the next? Big Brother needs a new pre-occupation. All it will take is 1 country who owns most of our business' and debt walking up and saying 'Pay Up'. But I fear the saying is true -money talks. The America I love is dying.


Every year Andy goes to San Diego for ICSC. Last year he stayed at a beach house owned by the uncle of one of his co-workers. This year his co-worker (Josh) called his uncle to reserve the beach house only to find that it was reserved by someone else. This left Andy and a few others looking desperately for an affordable hotel near the convention center in the Gaslamp Quarter. The only thing he could find at an affordable rate was a hostel ( seen below). Now from the outside of this hostel you wouldn't think they had anything to worry about, but when he and his friend opened the door to the room they saw two twin beds, a little desk and industrial grade carpet. They tried to flip on the lights but turns out they didn't work so they turned on there 15" flat panel t.v. for some lighting. The hostel didn't have AC, so they turned on there mini ceiling fan with 8" blades.

The mini ceiling fan wasn't cooling the room down so they opened the window. The place really started to cool down with fresh San Diego air and that solved the air problem, but it also introduced a new issue. Just across the street were the tracks of both the light rail and amtrak. Both of which seemed to roll slowly through the intersection at 15 minute intervals. The constant ding, ding, ding of the railroad gates and the blaring train horns all night long reminded them of why they'll never stay at a hostel again.


Thank you Camille for planning a bithday party for me! You're such a good friend and I'm lucky that you're a part of my life.

I also want to thank all of you that were invited for coming to celebrate with me.
P.S. Jim, thanks so much for the cake. Not only was it delicious, but one good looking cake....right Jake? I wonder if the icing has a paper backing?

Jocelyn, don't kill me for
posting this picture but I had to
because I think it's so cute.
The view from Camille's roof
is amazing.

Song of the Week

My morning coffee this week has been Alica Keys song "Superwomen". Everywhere I go, I hear the music in my head and I keep singing these few lines.

Cause I am a Superwoman
Yes I am
Yes she is
Even when I'm a mess
I still put on a vest
With an S on my chest
Oh yes
I'm a Superwoman

And it's only fitting because of Sarah Palin's recent emergence as a women who is tough and resolute while retaining her femininity. She is a Superwomen.

Havarti Cheese O how I love thee

Dear Havarti Cheese,

O how I love thee. I want you in the morning, I want you in the evening. I like you on crackers, I like you alone. I always need you when I'm at home.

Thank you for your exquisite taste which I promise to never waste.

Your biggest fan,



Mom and Frank at Herriman
Ranch. Look how excited Frank 
gets when I ask him to pose for a

I know what you're all thinking
and I don't like it. No incest going on here.
Herriman Ranch
Dad and Joy
I think my Mom needs a tan.
Capturing Island Park mystery 
Blowing on a Dandelion
As we pulled into Old Faithful
parking lot, we spotted a herd
of Bison walking around the 
This was an old Dodge featured
on the Herriman Ranch.
Joy and Demi fascinated by
a bug.
Horses on Herriman Ranch
Beautiful Sara at Big Springs
Andy, Frank and Christian
Andy and I at Big Springs