Every year Andy goes to San Diego for ICSC. Last year he stayed at a beach house owned by the uncle of one of his co-workers. This year his co-worker (Josh) called his uncle to reserve the beach house only to find that it was reserved by someone else. This left Andy and a few others looking desperately for an affordable hotel near the convention center in the Gaslamp Quarter. The only thing he could find at an affordable rate was a hostel ( seen below). Now from the outside of this hostel you wouldn't think they had anything to worry about, but when he and his friend opened the door to the room they saw two twin beds, a little desk and industrial grade carpet. They tried to flip on the lights but turns out they didn't work so they turned on there 15" flat panel t.v. for some lighting. The hostel didn't have AC, so they turned on there mini ceiling fan with 8" blades.

The mini ceiling fan wasn't cooling the room down so they opened the window. The place really started to cool down with fresh San Diego air and that solved the air problem, but it also introduced a new issue. Just across the street were the tracks of both the light rail and amtrak. Both of which seemed to roll slowly through the intersection at 15 minute intervals. The constant ding, ding, ding of the railroad gates and the blaring train horns all night long reminded them of why they'll never stay at a hostel again.


Jake, Camille, & Kennedy said...

hahaha poor Andy! It looks really cool from the outside though! That stinks that it was so miserable!

Lamar Echols said...

Wow. What an adventure. Just to see Andy's face is hilarious. I'm sure he doesn't think it's as funny!!


He's lived in worse conditions before. It was miserable, but he was laughing it off.

I made him sit on the steps and make his sad face, because it makes me laugh everytime.

J'net said...

Aloha, IF you can stay in the hostel in SD, you can easily tour Europe using hostels!! They are clean
and cheap and when one night in a London hotel can be $300 and a hostel is $21... They seem do-able!
I was surprised the room had only two twins...
We were in large rooms on army bunks with ALL women, (about 24 women) Large sleeping rooms!
Beats camping to me! Didn't know there was a Hostel in SD, thanks for the update!