Some girl at the Laura Mercier Counter in Newport Beach talked me into trying this moisturizing foundation 3 years ago and I love it, so far I haven't found a better replacement

This Cd has been my favorite for 2007, If you haven't already purchased it I recommend it.

This restaurant is my favorite restaurant right now, I love the atmosphere the food is modern Mexican
cusine and I have never had a bad meal there.

This is one of the cutest bathing suits I have seen out for 2008, I think I have to have it. Now I just need to work on getting my body to look just like hers.

I use this product before and after I blow dry my hair and I love it. It gives my hair a nice soft glow with no flyaways.

This is an expensive product, but my skin has looked so much better ever since I started using it.


1. I have never been consistent with writing in my journal, this year I am going to work at writing in it, even if it is only a paragraph a day.

2. I asked my mother for a sewing machine for Christmas, instead she bought me a cusinart food processor, not that I don't love it but I really want to learn to sew, so mom if you don't hurry it up...I may have to purchase one on my own.

3. I have only read two books in the last year, this year I am determined to read 5.

4. Last year Andy and I had the oppurtunity to vacation in Brasil. This year Andy came in second in bookings for the year at De Rito, which meant he won $2500.00 in air faire travel, so we are planning a trip to Portugal and Spain. I love to travel and can't wait.

5. I need to really work on my photography this year. I have 2 photography books and two great cameras, hopefully I will stick to it and you can start seeing some improvements in my photography.

6. Those who know me, know that presentation means a lot to me. This year I am going to reallly work on improving my gift wrapping skills

7. Read my scriptures daily

8. Practice the piano more

9. Stay positive and remember before judging others that I have never spent a day in their shoes.

10. Buy this cute laundry bag.


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