My camera lens cracked a couple of months ago and so I sent my camera to Canon and I still haven't gotten it back yet. I'm going crazy. Anyways, here are some more sites I have found in my hunt for home ideas.

You have to see the before! Check out it's the 1970's china cabinet.
I love the fireplace, ceiling beams the chandeliers and the big comfy white chair next to the fireplace. Photos are courtesy of
I haven't been blogging lately because I have been house hunting for the last couple of weeks. I have now looked at over 175 homes; some of the homes have been in Scottsdale, Arcadia, Desert Ridge, Mesa and now I'm looking in Gilbert. I'm all over the map but I think we'll end up in Gilbert. I really wanted Arcadia but I just can't afford the homes I want. You really can get a lot for your money in Gilbert. I think I have found the one I love but I won't post any pictures because it's a short sale and if I don't get it I don't want to have any reminder of what I could have had. I have been looking at decorating ideas so I'll share some of them with you.

I'm re-doing my formal dining room chairs and I'm not
sure what fabric to re-upholster them with. I have a lot
of gold and white accents. I was thinking maybe a punch of
green. I still haven't decided.

photo courtesy of you have to
check out the other photos of this office to fully appreciate this
room. I love the coffered ceiling and the grey and white ceiling with
the black walls.
I liked the wood work and the table in the dining room.
I'm not a fan of the rug or or the buffet table.