I found this outfit on Shopbop and thought it was a great fall look, but when I saw the prices on everything I almost fell over, so I searched a little and found some similar pieces that are more affordable.

Dress 184.00 on

White Boots 58.00

Hat 24.00 urban outfitters

Outfit total: 266.00
If you purchase the boots and hat on shopbop outfit would total: 754.00

Love Regina

In New York, Spektor gained a firm grounding in classical music from her piano teacher, Sonia Vargas, a professor at the Manhattan School of Music. Spektor studied with Vargas—whom Spektor's father had met through violinist Samuel Marder, Vargas's husband—until she was 17. Although the family had been unable to bring their piano with them from Russia, Spektor found a piano on which to practice in the basement of her synagogue, also utilizing tabletops and other hard surfaces for this purpose.[2]

Although she had always made up songs around the house, Spektor first became interested in songwriting during a visit to Israel with the Nesiya Institute in her teenage years. Attracting attention from the other children on the trip for the songs she made up while hiking, she realized she had an aptitude for songwriting. Following this trip, she was first exposed to the work of Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, and other singer-songwriters, which gave her the idea that she could create her own songs. She began writing her first a cappella songs around age 16, and wrote her first songs for voice and piano when she was nearly 18.

Spektor completed the four-year studio composition program of the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College in Purchase, New York within three years, graduating with honors in 2001. Around this time, she also worked briefly at a butterfly farm in Luck, Wisconsin, and studied in Tottenham, England for one semester.

ONE of my favorite boutiques


Skin and show is for the pool. Demure and fashionable is for going out with friends or to a cocktail party. A new product out of L.A. called Eliza magazine shows how a sexy, sophisticated silhouette can be accomplished without exposing yourself to your boyfriend’s boss or looking like you’re perpetually beach-bound. Because, let’s face it, it’s best to keep them guessing.
Eliza was “created for women who want to be stylish, sexy and engaged in the world while retaining high standards in dress, entertainment and lifestyle.” Printed quarterly, you can expect fashion tips from stylists to the stars, guides to affordable art, word of the newest designers—even a lengthy wedding gown guide.

Other things we dig about Eliza:
1. It uses cute-and-charming-and-cockneye-accented Eliza Doolittle as its namesake. Not just any old Eliza, but Audrey as Eliza: iconic and demure, classy and sweet, intelligent if unpolished, fun and memorable.
2. Eliza is high fashion without all the avant garde-ishness. You’ll see inspiring photo spreads of gorgeous gals clad in the likes of Alan Del Rosario and Joy Han alongside features that tell readers the tricks of scoring a vintage deal.
3. A practical and useful “Girl About Town” section that tracks how regular gals are using the season’s latest trends in their favor.

SITE OF THE DAY this is thee website to buy handmade goods. Look at the cute necklace I found


O.k. Mom, I think I found a website that might work for the "kids room" , this is a picture of one of the beds on the site...isn't it adorable?



I know most of you mothers out there have already purchased this fine chair, but for those of you that haven't this is a great pick and look how cute Demi looks in it.


I was looking for a cute fall boot last week and stumbled across these adorable boots. Just in time for someone's birthday...hint, hint.