Baseball Season

The Cleat Torros started out a little rough a couple of weeks ago
but, they now know the players strengths and weaknesses and are
starting to play really well. Tonight, they tied their first game and
won their second....GO TORROS!
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This weekend was our 2ND Anniversary. Andy, surprised me with dinner at Elements ( a restaurant at Sanctuary) we then stayed the night there and in the morning he scheduled a massage for me (which by the way, was probably the best massage I have ever had). After the massage we layed out by the pool for a few hours and then went over to the Sherrill's new condo. The high rise they live in, is probably one of the nicest I have seen and the pool area is to die for. I will really miss having them live in our building, but am glad I have a place like theirs to visit.

Fast and Furious Roadtrip for Dad's 80th Birthday

It was wonderful to be together and to see Dad. His health is failing but then again 80 isn't a Spring Chick. I got back from the trip early Sunday morning at 2:00am. Then up again for "The Spoken Word". I am now rested.


Right now, I am reading the biography of Mary Lincoln (Abraham Licoln's wife) and am really surprised to find, that it didn't take much to end up in an asylum aka "Loony house" back in the 1800's. I think I may have ended up in one myself, had I lived in that day.

Andy, his mother and I were discussing the book and talking about women rights back in the 1800's and how far they have come today. I pointed out that I still think it is a "man's world", especially in the work field. He thinks I'm some what of a feminist, but really c'mon ladies am I not right?


I came home, went to the hospital with Andy to see his mom. It is really hard to see her suffer like she is, I really hope things will change for her. After the hospital, we went to CrackerJacks and met up with Camille and Jake. Andy and Jake hit up the batting cages, while Camille and I played in the arcade, overall pretty great day.
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This weekend was the annual culinary festival and since my friend Kristin flew in from Aspen, to go I thought I would go with her and Sylvia to catch up. I am not sure why they call the event "Scottsdale Cullinary Festival", it should be called "Scottsdale Beer Fest". I lasted a couple of hours and took off, not really my scene, but catchin with Kristin was fun.
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Last night I turned on American Idol and it was their "Idol Gives Back" special. I thought, "Great! Just in time to pay taxes." So, I called
1 800 IDOL AID and instead of giving they actually asked ME for my credit card number! I don't get it, what are they giving away?

That's me in the spot - light LIVIN' my religion...

I have decided that if I'm going to live my religion, I need to dress it too. What do you think of my new spring look?


This is sort of embarrassing, but I was "blog stalking" last night and came across a blog that had a friend for almost every letter in the alphabet. So if you know me or are just an acquaintance, I would love to add you to my blog. My goal is to have a friend for EVERY letter in the alphabet, I realize X and Z may be challenging but I believe it can be done.


1. Hanging out with my Granny.

2. Hanging out with Sarah and Shelby, so much FUN! I love Sarah.

3. Andy and I watching his nieces gather easter eggs.

4. Setting Michelle up on a blind date, didn't work out, but at least I was able to see her. Also added to the picture is a breast enhancement, what do you all think should Michelle and I consider augmentation?

You're right Adrienne Spring Handbags should have been included


1. Marc Jacobs always has great bags. Unfortunately, they are a little pricey.

2. I love almost all Kooba bags and they are pretty affordable. I love, love, love his bag it is a "must have" for me.


1. Havaianas (Brazilian Portuguese: usually pronounced by Americans as: [havianaz].) is a Brazilian sandal brand (also known as flip-flops, thongs or jandals) Andy and I went to Brazil last October and noticed that every girl and boy seemed to be wearing the same flip-flops. Every grocery store, mall, street sale sold them for $7US dollars. So of course we bought some. The Brazilian trend hit California last year and are now in every local boutique in Phoenix and big Department Stores. I have always been a "Rainbow Brand" girl myself, but these are one of the most comfortable flip flops that I have ever worn and they are half the price of "Rainbows".

2. I love my bikinis (Sorry Mom) but I have lately been looking for a cuter one-piece bathing suit and I think I found one I would actually wear. Urban Outfitters, here I come and it's only $50.00.

3. I love slouchy shirts, even though I know they sometime make me look very skinny, but this one I just have to have.

4. C'mon! Need I even say anything? These L.A.M.B shoes are "HOT"!

5. This Spring, the nautical theme is really in but I don't necessarily want to look like a Sailor all spring so I think a great striped shirt, some skinny jeans and some cute gold anchor earrings will do.

6. I really like skinny jeans. They work for me, because I usually buy jeans that are pretty long so I can wear all my cute heels with them. But with all my skinny jeans, I have been having them altered - either ankle length or cropped so I can wear my flats or flip flops with them. I think the blue "Trina Turk" pants above may be a "must have"!