1. Hanging out with my Granny.

2. Hanging out with Sarah and Shelby, so much FUN! I love Sarah.

3. Andy and I watching his nieces gather easter eggs.

4. Setting Michelle up on a blind date, didn't work out, but at least I was able to see her. Also added to the picture is a breast enhancement, what do you all think should Michelle and I consider augmentation?


meglove said...

Very cute pictures. It looks like you have been having fun. About the boob jobs... I would wait until you are done with kids then i am ALL for it!

Karen Parkes said...

sorry the double date didn't work out well. i wanted to talk to you about blogging at our niece audrey's b-day party! anyway, your boobs look gross in that picture and i mean that from the heart. haha. leave them alone, you'll fall over from being top heavy especially if you nurse when you have kids! :-)

Adrienne said...

So I looked at the pictures before I actually read the post. The first thing I thought was: "Wow! Here boobs look huge in that shirt! Funny.

The Sherrill Family said...

Your boobs are HUGE already, you really don't need them...Michelle sure, but you no. haha I agree with meglove, wait till after you have kids! Hopefully that will be any day now...just waiting.....!!!!!! FYI: We are moving, don't be too depressed, it might not be far! You might even want to move into our new place with us! Oh yeah, and we need to figure out how to decorate tonight?!?!? Call me!

Sarah said...

WOW Auj! Thanks dude! Fun indeed! What a privilege! (okay, im done with the exclamations)The "enhancement" was so funny....!(one more)