1. Havaianas (Brazilian Portuguese: usually pronounced by Americans as: [havianaz].) is a Brazilian sandal brand (also known as flip-flops, thongs or jandals) Andy and I went to Brazil last October and noticed that every girl and boy seemed to be wearing the same flip-flops. Every grocery store, mall, street sale sold them for $7US dollars. So of course we bought some. The Brazilian trend hit California last year and are now in every local boutique in Phoenix and big Department Stores. I have always been a "Rainbow Brand" girl myself, but these are one of the most comfortable flip flops that I have ever worn and they are half the price of "Rainbows".

2. I love my bikinis (Sorry Mom) but I have lately been looking for a cuter one-piece bathing suit and I think I found one I would actually wear. Urban Outfitters, here I come and it's only $50.00.

3. I love slouchy shirts, even though I know they sometime make me look very skinny, but this one I just have to have.

4. C'mon! Need I even say anything? These L.A.M.B shoes are "HOT"!

5. This Spring, the nautical theme is really in but I don't necessarily want to look like a Sailor all spring so I think a great striped shirt, some skinny jeans and some cute gold anchor earrings will do.

6. I really like skinny jeans. They work for me, because I usually buy jeans that are pretty long so I can wear all my cute heels with them. But with all my skinny jeans, I have been having them altered - either ankle length or cropped so I can wear my flats or flip flops with them. I think the blue "Trina Turk" pants above may be a "must have"!


Adrienne said...

Havianas are the ONLY thing I wear in the summer. In fact, just last week when it was only 50 degrees outside, I couldn't resist. And . . . they last FOREVER. I have so many pairs, and the ones I got about 6 years ago and have worn to death, look brand new. The shoes are great, the suit is cute (stripes can be rough, but you are skinny enough that it will work). I also think skinny jeans are great. I was "hard" on the trend at first, but now I embrace it, maybe, too much.

P.S. No handbag?

Adrienne said...

P.P.S. I like these posts on your blog. I think we have similar taste. However, post-baby, I think you have more things to wear great clothes to and a larger budget than I do.

Jamie said...

I love slouchy shirts too, even though they have the opposite effect on me. I found my red dress at layersclothing.com Only like 58 bucks, too. They have it in other colors. You must go there, they have great stuff. :)

Dieta said...

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Wilffam said...

You're giving me a bad time about short skirts, Ms. Bikini chic? I'll never forget how Andy let us all know what you were wearing when you first met.

Wilffam said...

Oh, if you see any cute tankinis I've been looking for awhile!