This weekend was our 2ND Anniversary. Andy, surprised me with dinner at Elements ( a restaurant at Sanctuary) we then stayed the night there and in the morning he scheduled a massage for me (which by the way, was probably the best massage I have ever had). After the massage we layed out by the pool for a few hours and then went over to the Sherrill's new condo. The high rise they live in, is probably one of the nicest I have seen and the pool area is to die for. I will really miss having them live in our building, but am glad I have a place like theirs to visit.


The Sherrill Family said...

Wow, who is that hot mama in the last picture? I wish I looked like that! Happy Anniversary! Thanks for all your help moving this weekend and you better come hang out all the time! Still waiting on those baseball pictures that you promised would be up 15 minutes ago!

Kristin Coppee said...

Happy Anniversary!

Is that second picture really you? Because I think you copied it from some catalog. It looks like Posh Spice. I don't think it's really you. I mean, I know the Poulsen women are totally gorgeous, but that picture was a little too good to be true.

Just checking. lol.

Family Circus said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow...I can't believe it has been only 2 seems like you have been married longer...time just flies. Glad you had a relaxing weekend with a great fun!