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I don't know if any of you have been to H&M yet but they have baby clothes, maternity, men, women etc... it's a one stop shop. I stopped by there last night to pick up some warm winter attire she could wear to Utah and I found this hat. Does it get any cuter?

A few weeks ago my mother-in-law took a 7th grade teaching job in Florence, AZ. Last night I was talking to her about her class and she was telling me about some of the crazy things the 7th graders were trying to pull; all of them brought me back to my 7th grade year. Why was I so horrible? One thing she mentioned that bothered me was the lack of dictionaries at her school. She had given an vocabulary assignment to her kids and a lot of them mentioned that they didn't have a computer or dictionary at home to look up the words and the classroom only had 2 dictionaries so most of them didn't get a turn to use it. My mother-in-law (Allene) said she told the principal that they needed more. The principal said they couldn't afford to give her a set because of the massive budget cuts. I think every classroom should have more than 2 dictionaries in their classroom. If any of you have any extra dictionaries that you don't mind giving away please let me know 480-678-2548.

My baby is getting so big. I have been so bad at taking pictures lately and as a result I haven't been blogging. O.k. so I never had a chance to finish this post earlier today because of my many interuptions. I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving!