I broke down and bought a larger Christmas tree this year because the other one was a disaster. This tree is so much better and bigger and it comes pre-lit. Thank goodness for pre-lit trees; that was always the least favorite part of decorating a tree.

My lovely Mom and ready for our family Christmas party

This is the easiest wreath to put together. I went to a dry cleaner last year and bought a whole bunch of bags. I then cut the bags into straps and tied them to a wire hanger. My Mom and I made a few last year and they looked great.

Those carmels look delicious.

I don't really bake but I really like this idea.

I think my Mom and I will make a few of these this weekend.

I love this tree skirt from Anthropologie but I don't want to spend $178.00 for a tree skirt. Do any of you know where I can find a fun tree skirt similar to this one?

For those of you that don't have plans tonight you should come check out Crafeteria. Frances Vintage hosts the event in there parking lot; usually there's 30 or more vendors and all the shops are open to browse.

Fun Etsy Finds

I love letterpress calendars! This one will be my 2010 calendar very soon.

Advent calendar pouches, countdown to Christmas, re-useable year after year!

I have ordered several things from this seller and everything has been fantastic.

Make it simple for your guests to remember your wedding day with this save the date.Pick your own colors to coordinate with your wedding!


Sara and Frank

Audrey and Demi

Frank and Christian

Grandma Poulsen, Little L and Joy

My tabletop decor courtesy of Martha Stewart's design team

Muslim Baby

I don't know if any of you have been to H&M yet but they have baby clothes, maternity, men, women etc... it's a one stop shop. I stopped by there last night to pick up some warm winter attire she could wear to Utah and I found this hat. Does it get any cuter?

A few weeks ago my mother-in-law took a 7th grade teaching job in Florence, AZ. Last night I was talking to her about her class and she was telling me about some of the crazy things the 7th graders were trying to pull; all of them brought me back to my 7th grade year. Why was I so horrible? One thing she mentioned that bothered me was the lack of dictionaries at her school. She had given an vocabulary assignment to her kids and a lot of them mentioned that they didn't have a computer or dictionary at home to look up the words and the classroom only had 2 dictionaries so most of them didn't get a turn to use it. My mother-in-law (Allene) said she told the principal that they needed more. The principal said they couldn't afford to give her a set because of the massive budget cuts. I think every classroom should have more than 2 dictionaries in their classroom. If any of you have any extra dictionaries that you don't mind giving away please let me know 480-678-2548.

My baby is getting so big. I have been so bad at taking pictures lately and as a result I haven't been blogging. O.k. so I never had a chance to finish this post earlier today because of my many interuptions. I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I haven't blogged in awhile, so hello to all of you who stop by and check out my blog. This month has been so much fun and I finally have a little time tonight to post some pictures.

Little L's first swim. Isn't she so classy? I love her 50's glamour pose...so sophisticated for her age. I also love that Andy's totally flexing...show off.

We asked my sister- in-law to snap a photo of us. Believe it or not this is the second photo we have together. I can't wait to have our family photo's taken professionally.

P.S. Like Andy's stache? He looks like a pedophile. Don't worry I only let him sport it for a week.

A couple of weeks ago I turned 30. For my birthday my husband let me have a spa day and then take me out to a nice resturaunt. After the spa we went and dropped Little L off at my sister-in- law's and then went to T Cooks for dinner. The next day we went over to my sister-in law's for dinner and she surprised me with these photos. Her best friend is a photographer and so she had her come over with all her props and they went to town. This was such a thoughtful birthday gift. Tears started welling up when I looked at the photos. I love Little L so much and the photos are so precious.

Things I'm looking forward to

1. I'm looking forward to the day she stops crying for no apparent reason.

2. Buying some new fall outfits

3. Spending more quality time with me Little L.

3. Buying some new animal print shoes

4. Buying a new dress for fall.

I had to doctor this photo a bit because I thought Little L looked like a boy in a dress. I added the crown because she's so demanding.
I'm so happy to be little L's Mom. I never thought I could love her as much as I do. 
The Nursery 

I'm finally posting pictures of Little L's nursery. It took me a long time to decide on what colors to use; should I go with pink, purple, yellow? When I spotted the crib bedding I fell in love with the red, white and light blue. The colors were feminine, childish and light. I'm so happy with the outcome and now that Little L is here it's fun to get some use out of the room.