Things I'm looking forward to

1. I'm looking forward to the day she stops crying for no apparent reason.

2. Buying some new fall outfits

3. Spending more quality time with me Little L.

3. Buying some new animal print shoes

4. Buying a new dress for fall.


Jake, Camille, & Kennedy said...

Clothes and Little L...what else do you need in life? Oh wait...maybe Andy every once in a while. haha :)

Erna said...

Keep dreaming... they always cry for no reason at all. Welcome to parenthood. :)

Megan Harris said...

hmm... I think a shopping trip is in order it sounds like! Little L is so cute! Just wait until she can play with you! ITs so much fun, she will become your best friend.

Kristin Coppee said...

Ah yes...babies crying for no reason. It's exhausting, isn't it? I'm sure you've been given plenty of advice, but in case you're interested in a little more, here's what I've noticed with Zander lately:

1. He might be too hot.

2. He might be over tired and just needs to cry himself to sleep.

3. His tummy might be hurting and he needs to lay on it to sleep.

My babies are all tummy sleepers. The doctors say "DO NOT put babies on their tummies", but you know what? They change their minds every few years about what position to put baby in. As long as the baby can lift its head, it's okay. All of my babies slept through the night within a few weeks because they go on their tummies.

Anyway, you can take or leave that advice, but it's what I check for with Mr. Z and he sleeps well and hardly fusses.

I hope little L will give you some rest and that you get to go shopping soon because you deserve it, hot mama!

Debra said...

Love the pics of Little Lauren. She's so cute, even when she cries. You're doing a great job as Mommy. Thanks for putting up with us - we enjoyed being with you guys and holding our little "LC"
Love Mom