O.k. look at these amazing items I found on ebay 1. Mirror
2. Coffee Table 3. Chair.  I absolutely  love the old Hollywood Regency look.

Check out the new Ottoman my husband made me for my birthday. I have walked into my living room at least 10 times in the last 24 hours to check it out. I love it!

Little L wanted to wish you a Happy Labor Day. O.k. not really; her Mom made her dress up in a dress from her childhood as she made weird faces following her around the house with her camera and now her Mother wants to show off the photos.

I have been obsessing over this rug for awhile now and finally found a deal on... hmm, should I tell you...nope, not gonna do it. I can't wait to be the proud owner.

Saw this painting on Black Eiffel and I fell in love. How cool would it be if the silvers were in metallic? O.k.,  I've been in a metallic phase for about a year now hopefully the phase stays for awhile because I'm using it everywhere.