I have been a little worried about how I'm going to put together Little L's room. I really want it to be perfect and I still can't in vision it. A friend recommended the book "flea market Baby", I'm hoping this will help me with some of my dilemmas.

This weekend Andy and I celebrated our THIRD Anniversary. We stayed at the InterContinental Montelucia Resort in Paradise Valley. The resort was so amazing! The resort had a 30,000 sq ft spa that we fully took advantage of, our room had the best shower and large spa tub and the pools had great seating and service. We both said several times..."this is the life".

I think this documentary will be really interesting.

I'm currently obsessing over white watches. Which one should I pick?

I love Layers new homepage!

I have been a loyal Frances Vintage consumer for the past 3 years; so loyal that I made their top ten list. Frances Vintage is the best boutique in town (maybe I'm a little biased) but if any of you get out to the Phoenix Central Corridor area make sure to stop by.

I was at Melrose Vintage the other day and found this cute vintage baby scale; I had to have it. I think this scale will be a nice addition to Little L's room, if not it will make a great photo prop.


I made a Cooper family birthday calendar last year and have decided that this year I will make sure the pictures correlate with the months. After reviewing all the easter photos I decided little A will be my April calendar girl. I loved seeing all my little nieces in their easter dresses, they all looked so adorable.

My Mom flew to AZ and spent a few days with me last week. We spent endless hours looking at baby clothes, buying crib bedding and browsing local boutiques. I was so happy to have her here. Thanks for making the trip Mom.

I just bought these two adorable prints for my little L's room on etsy.  Belle and Boo's 
prints are all so precious...I'm in love. 

I had to post these pictures; these girls are so adorable. The first photo is of my friend Camille's little girl who by the way is in love with Sparky. Every time Sparky walked by she would call out his name so her dad took her down to get a photo with him, she was in heaven.

The next photo is of my friends little girls. They came over one evening and kept asking me if I had any toys, I don't really have anything for little kids to play with so they asked for the next best thing; my clothes. They all had a pair of high heels, a hat, scarf and purse.