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I love these cute prints by EMILY MARTIN, I want to buy a set so I can have it for a "little girl's room", that is if I ever have one. Check out her prints on http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=991


Andy and I went to Andy's Fathers home
for Easter Sunday. We both had so much
fun watching the girls search for the
easter eggs carefully hidden in Andy's
Fathers backyard, I can't wait to
have one of my own someday.


(my niece)
Katie is a Thinker
I know she will always do well in school
She will always be the chlid her parents won't have to worry about
She is easy to get along with and last but not least fun to talk to.


Meet Rachel
(my niece)
isn't she so adorable? Here are a few things I love about her:

  1. 1.She loves to give compliments
  2. 2. She is very good at sharing with others
  3. 3. She loves to give hugs!
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Wow, having your name called out as "unsexiest women of the year" followed with Amy Winehose and Britney Spears, would make me want to speak out too. Love how you can never get through an online video without watching a commercial.
Easter Greetings from Mom and Dad
Did I take the time to see the sun awaken the day,
as it spread it's glorious rays of light upon the earth?
Softly and slowly it falls upon the morning dew, and
a word so gentle and so pure is born.

All of life appears to quietly awaken:
I hear the chirping of the birds,
and see the filtered light among the trees.
I gaze upon the beauty of the ever changing colors
of sunrise in the eastern sky,
casting it's rays upon all of creation.

Everything awakens in glorious splendor.
My heart is filled with awe!
Here in the quietness and stillness of the morning.
I capture the beautiful similitude of this rising sun.
It seems to speak to the depths of my soul,
announcing to all the world in joyous delight;
"Christ is Risen, Christ is Risen,
the darkness of night is dispelled,
a new day is born!"

Still musing in quiet meditation
I marvel how God has placed on earth
His own symbol of things divine.

I look deep within, and in peaceful tranquility
I see another woman long ago in a far away place
coming to be near her Lord.
Ever so gently and purely the sun arises,
and Dawn casts it's illuminating light
upon an empty tomb.
(I wrote this poem last Easter, Mom)

Click the link for a beautiful presentation of Easter


When Kennedy does something "bad" Camille sends her to the dog cage. C'mon Camille is that really appropriate?


A young man who was traveling from Prescott back to Phoenix, decided to take a different route back to Phoenix than his usual drive to phoenix on the I17. As he proceeded driving on this unknown route he came upon a small town called

As he drove along he couldn't help but notice the beauty that surrounded this small town.

He continued on with his travels, excited about his discovery of this beautiful town. He drove for another 20 miles when he approached an old trading post, he pulled over to walk around a bit, because by now his legs were tired from all the traveling, as he walked around the parking lot of the trading post he saw a young women sitting on an old wagon.

He approached this girl who told him her car had broke down and was needing a ride to phoenix, he told her that he had been traveling alone and if she didn't mind traeling with a stranger, that he could take her to where she needed to go. The girl was skeptical at first about riding with a stranger, but was taken back by his charm and good looks...

she decided to take him up on his offer. As they continued on to Phoenix, the two of them talked, laughed and found that they had a lot in common. At the end of their journey they had both agreed to see one another again, after dating for some time the two fell in love and lived happily ever after.


Chantel and I have been friends for 11 years now and I am so thankful that I have her as a friend. She is crazy, fun, and someone I can trust. This year she turned 29, one more year till 30...AHHHH how time flies.


  1. When she sees someone she hasn't seen in awhile instead of ignoring them she runs up to say hello.

  2. She loves cereal, she could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  3. She loves Chihuahuas, especially moose

  4. She loves Cheetah Print

  5. She's a great dancer

  6. She loves Michael Jackson

  7. She loves Blueberries

  8. She is a very thoughtful person

  9. She's very impatient, but she's working on that

  10. She's a good listener

Love From Mom and Dad

Here we are another month coming and moving on it's merry way.
Already change, change, and more change.
Mom practicing and rehearsing hours and hours,
A trip to St George and performances.
.... Brother Craig Jessop resigns....
leaving all of us in a daze.
Seth and Deb preparing for "The Redeemer."
Playing Mom in Quiddler... and she wins!
Great Mom!
We love you all so much. Prepare for Easter
and Rejoice with us in this Season of Praise!
Happy March!
A few pictures to enjoy from Home
Mom and Dad

Sunset in Bountiful

Snow and More Snow

Hopefully it won't be long until Spring!

James, Mom and Dad - Snow in Utah

We had to say "Goodbye" and now we're pretty lonesome without our kids. We sure love all of you.
So why did you have to go to Colorado for Andy's Birthday,
when you could have had free lodging, hot cocoa and wonderful snow
plus the added bonus of seeing Mom and Dad. What's up with that?

Easter Poem from James

Savior and Friend---------------------
When Jesus Christ in time of pain,
and in the Garden bled.
The Drops of blood fell down like rain,
he bore the sins of filth and dread.
To us those, who did commit.

And in our minds we see the God,
Who bore the stone and stave.
Who bore the nails in hands and feet
,And in the third day broke the grave,
To ressurect us all.

But do we ever see the man,
Abandoned by most all.
When asked to bear the greatist trial,
Greater than the fall,
Would bear it all alone.
Not just a God, or Savior ,
To die for all mankind,
But Brother to us all,

A friend in heart, in soul, in mind,
Who sacrificed so much.
couldn't be there in the garden,
Or on the Calvary Hill,
So I ask you now to give your will
,Stand up, defend, be true.
And let our Savior Jesus Christ,
Know he can depend on you.


I was browsing blogs one day and saw a post about this camera. I thought, cute camera, looks vintage I wonder what kind of photos it takes. I looked it up online and saw that it was $30 dollars and thought I'd give it a try. I was so excited for the camera to come in the mail, I would run to my mailbox every day with anticipation. When it came, I needed a subject and who better than my friend Camille's little girl Kennedy.