Love From Mom and Dad

Here we are another month coming and moving on it's merry way.
Already change, change, and more change.
Mom practicing and rehearsing hours and hours,
A trip to St George and performances.
.... Brother Craig Jessop resigns....
leaving all of us in a daze.
Seth and Deb preparing for "The Redeemer."
Playing Mom in Quiddler... and she wins!
Great Mom!
We love you all so much. Prepare for Easter
and Rejoice with us in this Season of Praise!
Happy March!
A few pictures to enjoy from Home
Mom and Dad

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If any of you are having a hard time understanding this post, like I am then let me sum it up for you. Craig Jessop resigns (and nobody seems to know why), mom practices and practices on the violin, she auditions for the Temple Square Orchestra and makes it. CONGRATS TO MOM!