Easter Poem from James

Savior and Friend---------------------
When Jesus Christ in time of pain,
and in the Garden bled.
The Drops of blood fell down like rain,
he bore the sins of filth and dread.
To us those, who did commit.

And in our minds we see the God,
Who bore the stone and stave.
Who bore the nails in hands and feet
,And in the third day broke the grave,
To ressurect us all.

But do we ever see the man,
Abandoned by most all.
When asked to bear the greatist trial,
Greater than the fall,
Would bear it all alone.
Not just a God, or Savior ,
To die for all mankind,
But Brother to us all,

A friend in heart, in soul, in mind,
Who sacrificed so much.
couldn't be there in the garden,
Or on the Calvary Hill,
So I ask you now to give your will
,Stand up, defend, be true.
And let our Savior Jesus Christ,
Know he can depend on you.

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I miss James so much!