Today I went to the hospital so ready to have this baby. The nurses hooked up my IV, asked me millions of questions, took my vitals and dressed Andy in his OR attire. We were so excited. Right before they took us into the OR they did a quick ultrasound to make sure the baby was still breech and sure enough little L had moved into the correct position. I was a little bummed for a few minutes but I'm glad that I will have a quicker recovery time and I don't have to deal with the scar.

Hopefully she comes soon! I'm hoping for a July baby.

I found out last week that Little L is breech. I had a Dr. appt. yesterday and the physician could feel her little bum so I have scheduled a c-section for the 27th. I've been trying all sorts of ridiculous methods to get her to turn but this little girl doesn't want to move. I may have to spank her little bottom for giving her mommy a scar.

The owner of Frances is opening a sweets shop. Check out Jaimee Rose's feature of Smeeks

It's baby season right now so I thought I would share this site with all of you new mothers.

Photo Birth Announcements by Simply To Impress

Here we are a couple of San Diego tourists posing in front of one of Sea World's finest exhibits. Just look at those beautiful massive whales. 

I want to thank my my huge pregnant feet for not ruining my first time at Sea World. I was so pleased with their cooperation so I rewarded them to a pedicure the next day. 

We went to church on Sunday and look who we ran into. It was so good to see you little brother:) 

Thank you Grandpa Cooper for sponsoring another family vacation. Andy and I had a lot of fun.

Lately I have been obsessed with Nautical themes. I created a Treasury on Etsy titled "Sail Away With Me". If you haven't checked out the Treasury's on Etsy; you should. They're a fun way to discover new items.