Here we are a couple of San Diego tourists posing in front of one of Sea World's finest exhibits. Just look at those beautiful massive whales. 

I want to thank my my huge pregnant feet for not ruining my first time at Sea World. I was so pleased with their cooperation so I rewarded them to a pedicure the next day. 

We went to church on Sunday and look who we ran into. It was so good to see you little brother:) 

Thank you Grandpa Cooper for sponsoring another family vacation. Andy and I had a lot of fun.


Lois Lane said...

That's really cool that you got to see James!

Todd, Christy, and Co. said...

Fun trip~ You look Amazing~ She will be here before you know it- can't wait to see what she looks like!

Adrienne said...

Sounds likst so much fun! I bet your parents were jealous that you got to see James.

Kathleen said...

Uh, you forgot to go see your favorite aunt! Somewhere close Sea World and the location of your brother lies the sleepy city of Solana Beach where I live. See you next time right?