Easter Greetings from Mom and Dad
Did I take the time to see the sun awaken the day,
as it spread it's glorious rays of light upon the earth?
Softly and slowly it falls upon the morning dew, and
a word so gentle and so pure is born.

All of life appears to quietly awaken:
I hear the chirping of the birds,
and see the filtered light among the trees.
I gaze upon the beauty of the ever changing colors
of sunrise in the eastern sky,
casting it's rays upon all of creation.

Everything awakens in glorious splendor.
My heart is filled with awe!
Here in the quietness and stillness of the morning.
I capture the beautiful similitude of this rising sun.
It seems to speak to the depths of my soul,
announcing to all the world in joyous delight;
"Christ is Risen, Christ is Risen,
the darkness of night is dispelled,
a new day is born!"

Still musing in quiet meditation
I marvel how God has placed on earth
His own symbol of things divine.

I look deep within, and in peaceful tranquility
I see another woman long ago in a far away place
coming to be near her Lord.
Ever so gently and purely the sun arises,
and Dawn casts it's illuminating light
upon an empty tomb.
(I wrote this poem last Easter, Mom)

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