1. I have never been consistent with writing in my journal, this year I am going to work at writing in it, even if it is only a paragraph a day.

2. I asked my mother for a sewing machine for Christmas, instead she bought me a cusinart food processor, not that I don't love it but I really want to learn to sew, so mom if you don't hurry it up...I may have to purchase one on my own.

3. I have only read two books in the last year, this year I am determined to read 5.

4. Last year Andy and I had the oppurtunity to vacation in Brasil. This year Andy came in second in bookings for the year at De Rito, which meant he won $2500.00 in air faire travel, so we are planning a trip to Portugal and Spain. I love to travel and can't wait.

5. I need to really work on my photography this year. I have 2 photography books and two great cameras, hopefully I will stick to it and you can start seeing some improvements in my photography.

6. Those who know me, know that presentation means a lot to me. This year I am going to reallly work on improving my gift wrapping skills

7. Read my scriptures daily

8. Practice the piano more

9. Stay positive and remember before judging others that I have never spent a day in their shoes.

10. Buy this cute laundry bag.


Kristy said...

So apparently you and I look at a lot of the same blogs... I was wondering why most of those pics looked familiar, then I realized it was because I had seen them before on the original blogs. BTW, I will go to the cannery if you will, HA!

Adrienne said...

My husband would be jealous. He served his mission in Portugal and would love to go back. Word to the wise . . . do all of your traveling BEFORE you have kids. Also, if you haven't read "Eat, Pray, Love," read it. It is fabulous. I'm not usually a sucker for Oprah's picks, but this book just makes a woman feel good. Lastly, what are the photography books that you have, I need some good books, have been looking, and have not found anything that I thought was really good.

The Sherrill Family said...

Well first of all, thanks for giving me your old laundry basket so you can get that cute one. Second, can you please plan your trip around my trips so that we don't have the same situation we did when you went to Brazil. Third, when you get your sewing machine can you please make me and Kennedy some clothes. Thank you! Oh yes and FYI, Jake leaves today at 12 so then we have the house to ourselves! Jake told me to invite you to spend the night. haha Poor Andy always gets left out of things. Fine, he can come too. Oh yes, and look at my blog!

Kristin Coppee said...

MAN! The Poulsen offspring are so darn ambitious! After reading your resolutions and Adrienne's resolutions, I'm like - "Okay, I had better step it up". Mine was 'Lose weight'. That's it. Since I had two baby girls in a row it's all I can think about. I'm obsessed with it. Maybe that's what happens when you have kids.....No....actually Adrienne has a kid, so that just blows that theory out of the water.

Okay, my NEW New Year's Resolutions:
1. Lose Weight.
2. Step up the ambition a bit because my cousins are all outdoing me.

Thanks for your example.

Your Sloppy, Exhausted Cousin who needs to get off the couch, quit watching Roswell reruns, and do something.