Liz & Charlie said...

Audrey, I was so happy to hear from you...of course I remember you! How could I forget all the fun we had together? I would love to catch up with you. My email is I'm so glad you found me!

Sarah said...

AUJ! I couldnt believe it when I got a comment from you. I was so happy to see your (super sophisticated, very classy) blog and how well you are doing. Where are you living? When did you get hitched? What are you up to? Working? School? Kids? Yes, I left my husband and have never been happier. My daughter Shelby is amazing and healthy and we just love every second of our lives together. Josh and I are still friends and things are fine. My email is I miss you girl; you were def. one of a kind, in the best sort of way. And a really good friend. Tell Frank man hi for me, and tell me how he is and what he's up to as well. Take care, Sarah