To my cute and adorable sweetheart,

I'm sorry for the lack of attention I have been giving you. Mr. Hormone stepped into my life a few months ago and has had all my attention. I promise to be my normal self in 6 months try to hang in there.

Your crazy out of control wife


Kristy said...

Try 18 years...

Just kidding, it's not that bad. I'm sure he is fabulous and still loves you, hormones and all!

Kristin Coppee said...

Yeah, gonna' have to agree with Kristy there. 6 months you'll be back to normal? Uh uh. Not gonna' happen. bottle feed, get a full time nanny, and take off for a spa month immediately after the baby's birth.

So, there you go - there is a chance you could be back to normal in six months.

On a happier note, having this baby will be the most special event in your life! It's so surreal and amazing! I'm actually excited to go through it AGAIN! And I know within a few months after the baby is born, I will feel great again. Well...I had better anyway. Look, just as long as you don't get pregnant again five months after this baby is born, you'll be fine. I was completely psychotic for like 18 months because I went through that. Not pretty.