I love the how creative these swedish designers were with these pieces. I really like the closepin fan idea, but the only place you could wear these pieces is down a runway.
I will stick to my Chanel coffee table book for practical inspiration.


Kristin Coppee said...

I disagree. During Sunday School when there are like 100 people packed into a room with a maximum capacity allowance of 82 and our combined body heat is overheating the place, this design just might come in handy. I would have this design custom made with a motor built in somewhere, so I could push a button and it would start fanning me. DEFINITELY an idea to consider for church in the winter months when the heater is running and it really shouldn't be.

Also, if one of my girls tries to rip my necklace or earrings off, I could pull a switch and the fan would whap them. I think I like that idea better, actually.

Kristin Coppee said...

I'd also like to comment on the porcupine design. Would be great for standing in line at movie theaters or grocery stores where people who don't understand the "personal space" rule gather on a regular basis. They wouldn't be bumping against ME in that thing. I'm calling in my order right now.

The third design just looks like they ran out of ideas, so they stole some curtains from their fellow designers at IKEA.