Timeline for trip
3:00- Departure
3:30- Actual Departure
3:45- At Ski Pro to pick up snowboards
4:00- 4:30- Attaching Snowboards to luggage rack with Zip-ties
4:45- Went to Michaels to get rope
5:00- Andy came out with floral wire
5:01-5:30- Stringing wire across boards, through luggage rack.
6:30- Arrived at Home Depot to get rope
6:45- Jake and Andy secured snowboards to luggage rack
7:00- Left Home Depot on are way to Pinetop
8:30- Stopped in Globe for Dinner
8:45- Andy informs us he forgot the key to the cabin
9:00- Andy's dad texts him realtor's number. Andy calls realtor who will leave key outside REALTY EXECUTIVES in Pinetop
10:30- Stop at Realty Executives in Showlow
10:35- Realize realtor said Realty Executives in Pinetop...duh
10:50- Pick up Key from Realty Executives in Pinetop
11:00- Arrive at Cabin...long trip
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The Sherrill Family said...

hahahahahahahaha I love it! You said it so much better than I did! What a fun and crazy trip! I love Andy buying dinky little wire from the craft store! At least he didnt buy yarn.

Anonymous said...

That sounds painful...LOL, but I bet the skiing/snowboarding made up for the disaster of getting to the snow.

Kristy said...

We were going to go to our cabin in Pinetop last weekend, and then decided not to. Now I am so bummed seeing how much fun you guys had.

Your drive up totally sounds like something that would happen to us.

Kristin Coppee said...

Ok, now that's just sad. I have two screaming/annoying baby girls that we have to pack half the house for and I STILL would have beat you there.

That was hilarious, though. I'm just glad you finally made it. Staying in a cabin like that, almost completely covered in snow looks like a lot of fun too.

Rubalcava's said...

Sounds like a fun trip!