A couple of weeks ago Coop (old nickname) and I completed our home inspection and we will close on our home the end of this month. This Short sale has taken forever but it was worth it. We both got the house we wanted for a great price.

Now that the closing date is approaching I can't stop obsessing about decorating our new home. The two homes we have lived in have been decorated by me with little input from Mr. Coop. I like contemporary furniture and for the most part he likes it too. He however has decided that our Master Bedroom should be a retreat. He likes the white hampton look. I had a more hollywood glamour idea for our room but what my baby wants my baby gets...ha ha. Actually, I don't mind the Hampton or Costal chic style. So here are some of the images I have pulled from my style file. I like bits and pieces of each room. What do you think?

This was the style I was going for, except I wanted gold accessories and a better looking pendant light.

This is my compromise minus the wallpaper and the green chair. Maybe I'll add some wainscoting.


natalie said...

I'm with you, I like the first one...but I did just see a beautiful canopy bed on craigslist you should check it out. Sad you guys are leaving us for the suburbs!

natalie said...

btw, Justin always refers to Andy as 'Coop' :)