James just got home from the Carlsbad, CA mission so Andy, Little L and I spent the weekend in Utah. I was so excited to see him and enjoy his sweet spirit. James has always been a very happy child who really loves and enjoys people so I think I speak for everyone in my family when I say were so glad he's home.


Erna said...

Where's YOUR suit Andy?

Megan Harris said...

Audrey you look great!! I cant wait to see you guys. Congrats on your brother coming home.. It gives me chills. I love when missionaries return home :)

Sarah said...

How exciting! I cant believe how grown up he is now! Ooorrrrr I am just getting really old. Ugh.

So your pretty much hilarious! Yes, naughty naughty Brad Pitt.
You make me laugh Auj, miss you.

Kisses to L! xoxo