Happy Memorial Day everyone! This weekend has been a fun one for us. Here is the weekend travel-log.

1. Went To "Christophers" which is a great french resturaunt at the Biltmore and it was just renovated, liked the food a lot and I highly recommend it.
2. Watched "Iron Man" liked it, maybe I will watch it again...on second thought, maybe not.
3. Went downtown to scout out spots to photograph, saw lots of resturaunts and shops I wanted to soon visit.
4. Stopped by a garage sale, only because I saw a cool vintage chair I wanted to buy. Didn't buy it.
5. Went to the Improv to see Greg Giraldo, really crude. Don't ever go see him, unless you like crude humor.
6. Went to the Sherrill's for a Memorial Day barbeque, lots of food, fun people and great weather! What more could you ask for.


meglove said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! So, are you getting into photography? I would love to, its a lot of fun. Yes, my birthday is in June and we have to do something fun! With no kids ;)

The Sherrill Family said...

Such a cute picture of the 2 of you! Wonder who took it? :) So glad you guys came over for Memorial Day! Lots of fun!