Here are some pictures from San Francisco. Picture 1 is Alcatraz, the prison was closed in 1963 ordered by JFK because it was too expensive to run. Picture 2 is a flower garden in Golden Gate Park. Golden Gate park is about 4 miles long, so we only had time to see parts of it. The flower garden has 3 huge beds of beautiful flowers, along with a beautiful building housing thousands of flowers. Picture 3 This huge art piece is featured right outside the ferry building. The ferry building is full of pricey organic foods and other specialty shops. Picture 4 Andy and I on the boat tour around the San Franciso bay he had a "mad face" because people continued to block our view of the San Fransisco bridge. Picture 5 is the San Francisco bridge, I think the picture speaks for itself....the bridge is beautiful.


CSherrill said...

I love the picture of you and Andy! It looks like you are modeling for a magazine. Andy is so GQ! haha :)

Kristy said...

Digging the hats!