Hello Family,

This weekend Andy and I took a trip with his father and step mother to Lake Havasu. Let me paint a little picture for you, the weather was 115 degrees, but the water was in the high 70's if you were in the water you were happy out of the water you were miserable.

I don't know if any of you have been to Havasu before, but if you are not visiting with a 180K boat you are an outcast, talk about keeping up with the Jones's there it was a little ridiculous. The dining was average and the movie theatre only takes cash...weird. The town is all over the place, not well thought out kindof like Prescott Valley. If you want a lake vacation, try Lake Powell.

On a positive note, it was really nice of Andy's father to pay for our accomodations and to take us somewhere we haven't been. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.



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